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Full text of "Minutes of the ... annual session of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1864"

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October 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, 18G4; 



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October 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1864 ; 





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A. W. X$fGoij> & Co., 
Book and J«>b Printers, 



AlSraOCH, North Cabolina, ) 
October 5th, 1804, ) 

The u North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference " met 
pursuant to adjournment. 

On motion of Elder T. J, Fowler, Elder John R. Holt was elect- d 
President pro tern, and Elder W. S. L >ng, Secretary, 

On notion, a Committee of three wag app >inted to recommend 
suitable officers for the permanent organization • • Conference.—- 
The Chair announced th° following committee: Dr, '. J M »ffitt 
Elder D. T. Deans and brother J. W Hatch. 

After a short retirement, the Committee returned and reported 
as follows: For President, Elder John R. licit; for Vice Presi- 
dent, Elder Thos. J. Fowler; for Secretary, Eider W. S. Long; 
for Assistant Secretary, .Dr. S. J. Moffitt. 

The vote being taken, the brethren recommended were unani- 
mously elected. 

On motion of Elder J. W. Wei Ions, the names of Ministers and 
Delegates were enrolled, which resulted as follows : 

Elders Present. — Alfred Apple, J. W. Wellons, D. T. Deans, 
Thos. J. Fowler, John R. Holt, J. W. FarreH, Wm. S. Long, W. 
D. Moffitt, Sol. Apple, J. M. Mi finis; E W. Beaie, C. A. Apple, 
J. N. Manning, R. G, Tinnin" T. G. Craven. 

Elders Absent. — A. G. Anderson, P. W.Allen, A. Isley, Chas« 
tien Allen. G. G. Walker, II . B. Hayes, Thos. Truitt, A. Franks, 
W. M. Craven, Jos. Albright, L. Lambeth, Wm. Rollins, A. S. 
Nelson, A. Craven, J. S. Swift, 

Licentiates Present, — J. S. Lawrence, C. Ansley, C. A. Boon, 
J. W. Hatch, John Goodrich, W. H. Franks. 

Licentiates Absent. — W. K. Martin, L. C. Madison, Abner 
Apple, P. R Jones, A. T. Rich. 

(For list of Delegates vide statistical Table,) 


On motion, Conference set apart 11 o'clock each day for Re- 
ligious Exercises. • 

On motion, p Committee of three was appointed on Religious 
Exercises, viz: German Guthrie, M. Murchison, Nicholas DafFord. 

On motion, 9 o'clock to-morrow morning was set apart for the 
delivery cf the Annual Address. 

On motion, the petitions from new churches were called for, 
whereupon the petitions from Martha's Chapel, aud Pleasant 
Union were handed in, and by a vote of Conference unanimously 

On motion^ the Chair was requested to appoint the usual Com- 
mittee as soon as practicable. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet to-morrow morning 
at 9 o'clock. 

Singing and prayer by Elder T. J. Fowler. 

October 6th, 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Conference convened. 

After singing and prayer, Elder J. W. Wellons delivered a very 

interesting and instructive address. 

The Chair announced the following Committees, viz : 

On Home Missions.— W. P. Moffitt, J. N. Farrell, J. W. 


On Statistics.— -E. W. Beale, J M. Minnis, J. Turrentine. 
On Temperance.— S. J. Moffitt, W. S. Farrell, N. DafFord. 
On Finances. — A. Moring, J. T. Moffitt, C. A. Boon. 
On Sabbath Schools.— J. W. Wellons. J. W. Pritchett, T. G. 

On Memoirs— C. A. Apple, T. J. fowler, J. S. Turrentine. - 

On Character and Standing of the Ministry. — A. Moring, S. 
J. Moffitt, T. J. Apple, M. Murchison, J. S. Turrentine, G. B. 
Guthrie, Beverly Sears. 

On Ministerial Supply. — S. Apple, M. Murchison, J. Gibson, 
J. W. Hatch, N. Dalford, E. C. Tuck. 

Cn motion, the letters JVom the different churches were called 
for and read. 

On motion, a lector from brother P. R.^Jones was referred to 


the following Committee, viz : J. W. Hatch, E. W. Beale and T. 
J. Fowler. 

On motion, a special Committee was appointed to draft a suita- 
ble preamble and resolutions relative to the death of Rev. J. P. 
Lemay, formerly a minister of this Conference. Committee, Sol. 
Apple, T. J. Fowler, Alfred Apple. 

On motion, the contributions, from the various churches, for the 
Conference Fund, were called for and received. (Vide addenda.) 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet 2 o'clock, P. M. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 
Conference convened, and was called to order by the President. 
The Committee on the Character and Standing of the Ministry 
made the following report, which was received : 


. Your Committee on the Character and Standing of the Ministry 
report: That after careful examination, we find all of our Minis- 
ters in good and regular standing, except B. N. Hopkins, W. H. 
Doherty and W. N. Bragg. Each of these cases is respectfully 
submitted for the consideration of Conference, together ■with a 
specification ol charges against each. 


On motion, the above report was referred to a Committee of all 
the Elders present. 

Oa motion, Conference adjourned to meet to-morrow morning 
at 9 o'clock. f 

Singing and prayer by Elder Sol. Apple. 

October 7th, 9 o'clock, A. M. 

Conference assembled pursuant to adjournment. Singing and 
prayer by A. Apple. 

On motion, a Special Committee was appointed to report on the 
Condition of the Country. Committee, Elders W. S. Long, C. A. 
Apple, E. W. Beaie. 

The Committee on Home Missions made the following report, 
which was received and adopted : 


Your Committee on Home Missions beg leave to report. We, 
your Committee believe that this subject deserves the careful at- 


Mention of this body. We are of opinion that this subject has been 
too much neglected by our Conferences heretofore, and we would 
earnestly recommend that this Conference take, more active steps 
in procuring the set vices of faithful ministers to operate without 
the bounds of our Conference, and make known our principles 
w^ere they have not yet been proclaimed. And further, we be- 
lieve that no agency could be of more service to us as a Church 
than that of a few faithful missionaries. 

Especially wculd we recommend the sending of missionary aid 
to our army to meet the wants of our brave and noble defenders, 
who have so long stood as a wall of steel between us and our in- 
solent invaders, and thus show them that we care for their spirit- 
ual welfare. Respectfully submitted. 

W. D. M OFF ITT, Chairman. 

On motion, the ministers of Conference were requested to vol- 
unteer their services to serve, at intervals, in the army, as mis- 
sionaries, whereupon all of the ministers volunteered their ser- 

On motion, Captain C. E. King was received as a delegate from 
New Providence. 

On motion, Capt C Jt. King, John S. Turrentine, and German 
Guthrie were appointed a standing Committee to supply the army 
with a missionary, and make all other arrangements pertaining 

The special Committee of all the Eiders made the following re 
port, which was received and unanimously adopted : 


Your Committee, to whom was referred the report of the Com- 
mittee on the character and standing of the ministry beg leave to 
report : — That we have carefully inquired into the cases before us 
and would recommend, 

\. That Elders B. N. Hopkins and W. H. Doherty be suspended 
from the exercise of all ministerial functions until a reguiar inves- 
tigation of the charges against them can take place. 

0. That of the two charges preferred against Elder W. N. 
Bragg we Consider the second on'y partially sustained, and there- 
fort) have nothing to recommend in reference to it. As to the first 
charge against the said Eider W. N. Bragg we would pronounce 
it fully sustained, and would, therefore, recommend that he be ex- 
pelled from this Conference and his credentials demanded. 
Respectful] v submitted, 

THOS. J. FOWLER, Chairman, 


Ths following committee was appointed to wait on W. N\ 
Bragg and obtain his credentials, viz: J. N. Harming, Sol. Apple, 
J, W. We! Ions, 

JResolved, That the subjects recommended in the annual address 
be referred to a committee. 

la accordance with the foregoing resolution, the President ap- 
pointed the following a committee, J. N. Manning, J. S. Turren- 
tine, R. G. Tift n in. 

The Committee on Memoirs made the following report which 
was received, and, after several affecting speeches, was unanimously 
adopted : 


We, your Committee on Memoirs, beg leave to report: — That 
the only business before us has been the case of our beloved and 
lamented brother, Elder Josiah McCuiloch. 

Bro. McCullock early been me interested on the subject of his 
soul's salvation, and ceased not to seek until he had found the 
pearl of great price. Finding the Savior so precious to his own 
soul, he soon became anxious to declare the " unsearchable riches" 
of Christ to his fellow men. Acting under these impulses, h* 
sought and obtained, about the year 1851, a license to preach the- 
Gospel Thus, he became a member of the North Carolina and 
Vitglnia Christian Conference. Your committee are fully persua- 
ded that that body never received a member whose heart was 
purer or whose soul was fuller of that broad charity which alona 
can characterize us as Christians. Bro. McCuiloch labored faith- 
fully and well until his ordination to the office of an Elder, which 
took place s une yeaiu after. His conduct in this prominent posi, 
tion was such as became a follower of the meek and lowly Lamb 
and of the pious, faithful and exemplary Christian minister. 

His industry was untiring ;. end few have more faithfully obeyed 
the injunction of Scripture : -'Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, 
do it with thy might '' His efforts in behalf of our Home Mis- 
sionary Society, and of Graham College are especially worthy of 
all commendation. Though the latter institution has ceased to ex- 
ist, yet his labors in both these enterprises will be seen and felt 
long after this world and the things thereof shall have passed 

But the ways of God are inscrutable. In the midst of his exer- 
tions for the good of his race, Bro. McCulloch was seized with 
that monster, consumption, which has so often brought to an un- 
timely end the noblest and best of our land. Daring the. progress 
of that lingering, and often nattering disease, though unable to 
preach, yet he endeavored by every means in his power to ad- 


vance the interests of the church of his choice ; and the good cause 

of the Redeemer of men. 

He. used, as all ought to do, every reasonable exertion to prolong 
that life which God had given him. for good 2nd wise purposes. — 
He removed from his former place of residence in Chatham coun- 
ty, N. C, to Mecklinburg county, where he hoped to derive bene- 
fit from the influence of a milder climate. But, alas! alas! the 
hand of the final enemy was upon him ! He took his bed to rise 
no more. Having received the sacrament of the Lord's Supper at 
the hands of Elder Thos. J. Fowler, he fell asleep in the arms of 
Jesus. No more shall he languish with disease, no more shall the 
hectic cough of consumption convulse with agony his feeble frame! 
He has entered into the reward of his labors and into that " rest 
that remaineth unto the people of God." While we let fall the 
silent tear on his grave, we cannot but rejoice that he has gone 
home to his heavenly Father. Let us imitate his example, and 
follow his precepts; and while we grieve over his departure from 
our midst, yet w T e believe that we would only be accepting his 
counsel, could he speak to us from the realms of the Spirit land, 
if we close up the ranks and march forward. 
-. For the further expression of our sentiments, we would submit 
the following preamble and resolutions : 

Whereas, It has pleased Almighty God, in his merciful Prov- 
idence, to remove from our midst, our beloved brother, Elder Jo- 
siah McCulloch; therefore, 

1. Resolved, That though we mourn deeply the loss of our dear 
brother, yet we are satisfied that our loss, though to us irrepara- 
ble, has been to him eternal gain. 

• 2. Resolved, That the church has lost a faithful minister, his 
family, a kind protector, and the community, an upright and use- 
ful citizen. 

3 Resolved, That, at a suitable time, this Conference, in its 
own capacity, will appoint some minister to deliver a funeral ser- 
mon in memory of our departed brother. 

. 4. Resolved, That Conference will endeavor at as early a day 
as practicable to erect, at its own expense, a suitable monument as 
feeble testimony of its regard for his many virtues. 

• 5. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the 
■family of the deceased, and also to the " Christian Sun" for publi- 
cation. Eespectfully submitted, 

C. A. APPLE, Chairman. 

Resolved, That the Secretary be requested to prepare the Min- 
utes of Conference, for publication as soon as practicable and have 
.600 copies printed for distribution. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock, P. M. 


2 o'clock, P. M. 

Pursuant to adjournment Conference assembled. The Presi- 
dent in the chair. 

The Committee on Finance made the following report, which 
was received and adopted : 


Your Committee on Finance report. That after examining the 
Treasurer's accounts we find him charged as follows : 

To cash on hand 1863 

" " received 1864 - 


By cash paid sisters Kerr, Evans and Cole 

fifty dollars each, - - - - $150 00 
" " " C. A. Apple for preparing 

Minutes 5 00 

" " for printing Minutes, - 112 50 

267 50 

Balance on hand, - • 

Respectfully submitted, 

A. MO RING-, Chairman. 

jResolved, That E. W. Beale be appointed to deliver the next 
Annual Address and Elder P. W. Allen be appointed alternate. 

On motion, the sum of $100 each was appropriated to the wid- 
ows of Elders Kerr, Evans and Cole. 

On motion, it was ordered that the Secretary draw on the Treas- 
urer for $25 to defray the contingent expenses of his office. 

On motion, Elders Wellons and Minnis were appointed a com- . 
mittee to locate the next annual session of this body, within the 
bounds of the Tar River circuit, and report to the Secretary as 
soon as practicable. 

The Committee on the Condition of the Country reported as fol- 
lows, which was received and unanimously adopted: 


Your Committee on the Condition of the Country would beg 
leave to report : That, 

Whereas, A murderous war is now raging between the Con- 
federate States through all perils and disasters : discountenancing 
all treason, and every attempt at re-union with a hated, and worse 
than barbarous foe — that, trusting in God for the righteousness of 
our cause, as well as for the succor in our distress, we will stand or 
fall in defense of those principles for which our fathers fought, and 

$480 65 
617 45 

1098 10 
267 50 

$830 60 


which so many of our nouiest and dearest friends have sealed with 
shcir blood. 

2. Resolved, That we set apart to-morrow, Saturday, Oct. 8th, 
1 o'clock, P. M., as an hour of special prayer for peace. 

3. Resolved, That Friday, the 4th day of November next, be 
set apart by us as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer. 

4. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to 
the " Christian Sun " for publication. 

Respectfully submitted, 

W. S. LONG, Chairman 
• The Committee to which was referred the suggestions made in 
the Annual Address reported as follows, received and adopted. 


Your Committee to whom was referred the Annual Address, re- 
port on the subject of a Church Periodical the following : 

1st. Resolved, That Conference elect an Editorial Council of 
three to provide for the continued publication of the Christian 
Sun, and that said Council employ an Editor, determine the place 
of publication and fix the price of the paper. 

2nd. Resolved, That Conference be invited to give a liberal 
support to our Denominational organ, and each Minister and Dele- 
gate present give his name and Post Office to the President of the 
Editorial Council with as many contributors to the Christian Sun, 
as he thinks he can possibly procure at the price hereafter to be 
determined ; which price shall not exceed the actual cost attend 
nig the publication of the paper. 

3rd. Resolved, That said Council be instructed to procure the 
services of Elder W. B. W ellons, if possible upon any reasonable 
terms, but if they fail in this then to obtain the services of some 
one else competent to edit successfully our church organ. 

Respectfully submitted, 

JOHN N. MANNING, Chairman. 

On motion, the election of the Editorial Council was made the 
special order of 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. 

On motion, the name of Lindsay's Chapel was changed to that' of 
Mt. Pisgf.h. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet to-morrow morning, 
9 o'clock. Singing and prayer by Elder John N. Farrell. 

October 8th, 9 o'clock, A. If. 
Conference met pursuant to adjournment and called to order by 
the President. 
Singing and prayer by Elder. J. M. Minnis. 


The election of an Editorial Counci], being the business of thits 
hour, took place, which resulted in the election of Elders W. S. 
Long,- E. W. Bcale and P. R. Harden, Esq. 

The Committee, to which the letter of bro. P. II. Jones was re- 
ferred, reported as follows, which was received and adopted: 


Your Committee to whom was referred the letter of bro. P. R, 
Jones would suggest the propriety of referring his case to the Con- 
ference Committee. 

Respectfully submitted, 

E. W. BE ALE, Chairman. 

The Committee, appointed to draft a suitable preamble and res- 
olutions relative to the death of our bro. John P. Lemay, reported 
the following which was received, and after several affecting re- 
marks by the brethren, was unanimously adopted: 


Your Committee, appointed to report a suitable preamble and 
resolutions in regard to the death of Elder John P. Lemay would 
beg leave to submit the following: 

Whereas, It has pleased God in his all wise Providence to re- 
move from labor to reward our beloved brother Elder J. P. Le- 
may, formerly a member of this body ; but at the time of his death 
a resident of the State of Mississippi ; Therefore, 

1. Resolved, That while we mourn the departure of our broth- 
er, yet we bow in humble submission to the will of the Almighty 
Disposer of events. 

2. Jiesolved, That the Church has lost a faithful minister, a 
staunch friend and a zealous supporter of the great principles of 
Christian union and brotherly love. 

3. JResolped, That the North Carolina and Virginia Christian 
Conference will ever cherish with gratitude the memory of one who 
has so nobly upheld her cause,, and so untiringly labored in the 
vineyard of our common Lord. 

4. He-solved^ That a copy of these resolutions; be sent to the 
Christian Sun for publication, and also to his sister, Mrs. Susan 
F. Philips, his only surviving near relative in North Carolina. 

Respectfully submitted, 

SOL. APPLE, Chairman, 
Resolved, That the grateful thanks of this Conference are due 
and are hereby tendered the good brethren and friends for tie 
kind and hospitable manner in which they have entertained tlxia 


On motion, the name of Elder C. A. Apple was added to the 
standing committee of examination of applicants for the ministry. 

The Educational Committee reported as follows which was 
received and adopted : 


The Educational Committee report that the class looking for- 
ward to the Ministry has received many promising additions.— 
That the examination of the members generally gave much satis- 
faction to the committee, and that after careful investigation and 
full inquiry we are persuaded that the good of the cause and the 
moral and mental attainments of the following will justify their or- 
dination, viz : John Goodrich, C. A. Boon and John S. Lawrence. 

And the Committee recommend Conference to grant License to 
bros. W. R. Brown and James K. Gibson. 

Respectfully submitted, 

JOHN N. MORING, Chairman. 

On motion, the ordination of the three brethren recommended, 
was made the special business of to-morrow morning. 
On motion, Conference adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock. 

2 o'clock, P. M. 

Conference convened. The President in the chair. 

On motion, leave of absence was granted Elders R. G. Tinnin 
and T. J. Fowler and bros. J. W. Hatch and Alfred Moring. 

Resolved, That Conference request ail of our Ministers to take 
up a collection at each of our churches for the purpose of sending 
missionary aid to the army. 

A similar request was likewise made for the increase of the 
conference fund. 

The Committee on Sabbath Schools reported. (The report is 
partially omitted.) The following resolution is inserted : 

Resolved, That each minister be requested to establish a Sab- 
bath School at each of his churches and report the same at our next 
annual session. 

The Committee on Temperance made a lengthy report, discoun- 
tenancing the use of intoxicating liquors, in very strong terms, 
which is, on account of its length, omitted. 

The President announced, as a Conference Committee for the 
ensuing year, Elders S. Apple, J. N. Manning, A. G. Andersen. 

The Committee on Ministerial Supply made the following re- 
port which was received and adopted : 


Dan River Association — C. A. Apple, J. N. Manning. 

Tar River — James W. Wellons, J. M. Minnis. 

New Hope— Thos. J. Fowler, J. N. FarrelJ, J. W. Hatch. 


Middle Creek — D. T. Deanes. 

Cape Fear— W. D. Moffitt. 

Deep River — J. S. Lawrence, Wm. R. Brown. 

Haw River— E. W. Beale. 

Concord and Mt. Zion — A. G. Anderson. 

Reedy Fork— P. W. Allen. 

Lebanon — Sol. Apple. 

Shady Grove and New Salem — T. G. Craven. 
Bethlehem — A. Isley. 
Apples and Hines' Chapel — W. S. Long. 
Martha's Chapel— R. G. Tinnin. 

Bethel — C. A. Boon. John Goodrich operates in the same 
field he did last year. 

Respectfully submitted, 

S. APPLE, Chairman. 

JResolved, That we, as a body now convened in Conference, 
would state for the information of whomsoever it may concern, 
That Licentiates are considered ministers and have ever been re- 
spected as such. 

Resolved, That the funeral of Elder Josiah McCulloch, be 
preached to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock, by Eider John R. 

On motion, the thanks of Conference were extended to its offi- 
cers for the faithful performance of their duties. 

On motion, Conference subscribed for SO copies of the Sun. 

On motion, Conference adjourned to meet with the Tafr River 
Association on Wednesday before the 2nd Sabbath in October, 
1865, at 9 o'clock. 

JOHN R. HOLT, President. 

THOS. J. FOWLER, Vice President. 
W. S. Long, Secretary. 
S. J. Moffitt, Ass't Secretary. 




A. S. Nelson...... 

A. Craven......... 

W. K. Martin.... 
L. C. Madison.... 

Abner Apple 

A. G- Anderson.. 

P. W. Allen 

Chastien Allen... 

G. G. Walker... 

H. - B. Hayes 

Thos. Fruitt 

A. Isley...... 

A. Franks.. 

P. R. Jones 

J. W.Wellons... 

D. T. 
T. G. 
T. J. 

J". R. 
J. N. 







W. S. Long 

W. D. Moffitt 

J. M. Minnis. .. 

E. W. Beale 

A. Apple 

S. Apple 

C. A.Apple..... 

J. N. Manning 

R. G. Tinrim 

J. S.Lawrence s, 

B. Ansley 

C. A. Boon 

J. W. Hatch 

John Goodrich 

W. H.Franks 

Gold Region 

Reid Creek 




Anderson's Store 

Walnut Cove 


Anderson's Store „.... 


Company Shops,,..., 
Shallow Ford......... 


48th Reg't N. C. T ... 

Pacific... ... 

Old Shop 

Moffitt's Mills 





Bostick's Mills 


McKay's Store 












Army N. Va. 


Wake ;., 

Randolph , 


Whitlock. ...... 

Cedar Grove... 
Brown's Mills. 
Holly Springs. 
Pittsboro... .«,». 



Alamance . 
Alamance . 


Halifax ... 




W . M. Craven I Gol d. Region Moore 

L. Lambeth 

Jos. Albright... 
Win. Rollins,,., 

Summer field.. 
MohVs Mills. 


N. C. 


N. C 

N. C 


N. C 





Union, Va.... $ 20 00 

New Providence 80 00 

Hank's Chapel 105 00 

New Elam 23 75 

Pleasant Hill Chapel.... 5 00 

O'Kelly's Chapel 68 00 

Pleasant Grove, Va 20 00 

Park's X Roads 3 50 

Union, Alamance .......100 00 

Midway . 10 00 

Martha's Chapel 5 00 


Mt Auburn.... ....$28 00 

Liberty Hill 22 50 

Pope's Chapel 30 45 

Zion 8 00 

Lebanon 14 00 

Shallow Well 8 00 

Pleasant Ridge 3 00 

Oak Level 26 80 

Shady Grove 10 00 

Damascus 21 75 

,$621 45 


The Home Missionary Society of the N. 0. and Va. Christian 
Conference, assembled at Antioch Church, Chatham county, on 
Saturday, the 8th day of October, 1864. 

Rev. Solomon Apple was called to the Chair, and E. W. Beale 
was appointed Secretary. The proceedings of last meeting were 
read and approved. 

Rev. J. R. Holt, who had been appointed a Missionary to the 
Army, made a verbal report of his labors, &c. 

The Secretary was requested to furnish Rev. J. R. Holt an 
order on Treasurer for $125. 

On motion, the chairman of committee to supply the army 
with a missionary, was ordered to draw on the Treasurer month- 
ly for $25. 

Rev. W. S. Long was elected Treasurer of the Society, the 
office having been vacated by the death of Rev. Josiah McCulloch. 

On motion, the ministers were requested to appeal to their 
congregations in behalf of the Society, during the present Confer- 
ence year. 

On motion, the Secretary was requested to furnish the Secreta- 
ry of Conference with the proceedings of the Society, for publica- 

An election of officers was held for the next year, which resulted 
in the election of Rev. Solomon Apple, for President, Rev. S. 
JST. Manning for Vice President and E. W. Beale for Secretary. 

The Society then adjourned to meet with the next Session of 
the N. C. and Va. Christian Conference. 


E. W. Beale, Secretary. 

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